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FITECHNIC® is a strutural glazing systems VEA for façades and roofs designed by Pentagonal, a company established since 1996, to fix glass panels (tempered monolithic, tempered laminate and double glazing tempered), which allows to carry out clean and aesthetically unique projects .

Structural Glazing Façades (VEA) are already part of both contemporary architecture and rehabilitation as an elegant way to achieve maximum transparency. These glazing systems can be projected as structural or ventilated façades. Through the innovative development of FITECHNIC® system fitting solutions with special glasses, we can get the maximum protection against environmental and noise pollution, as well as solar and thermal protection. The Fitechnic® system has CE marking and complies with all legal requirements of the standard EN10283: 2010.


Glass fittings such as spiders, rotules, tabs made of AISI 316 stainless steel in microfusion process, with polished finishing and mechanized CNC line.


Every project of structural glazing system is special. Our experience and technical team offers the best assistance in the supervision of projects, so that you can optimize the performance of the façade and the metallic structures of support.


The applications of the FITECHNIC® glass fitting system are not limited to use on facades but also on roofs, building claddings, balustrades and structural glass.