Curtain Wall Glazing

The System

FITECHNIC® is a simple but ingenious system for Curtain Wall glazing to fix glass panels (monolithic tempered ,laminate tempered and double glazing), which allows to develop visually clean and aesthetically unique projects .
Its biggest advantage is the great capacity for installation regulation and achievement of complex forms.


The registered articulated system FITECHNIC® has been studied and designed by means of physically non-linear analysis with finite elements and later proved through tests of mechanical resistance in independent laboratories. Mathematical analysis and load tests verify the required strength in combined forces, both vertically and horizontally.


1st Prize – Innovation in Construction – Glass category in the 2014 edition, by FITECHNIC® System – RCE-FTL, structural glazing façade model with embeded articulated bolt, patent MUP no. 10795.

Technical support

Our experience and technical team offers the best assistance in the supervision of all the projects, so that our system can optimize the performance of the facade as well as the metallic structures of support.