System FIX-2H ROD

system FIX-2H ROD

Category: Systems
Tags: Spiders, rotules, patchfitting, complements, structures


The FITECHNIC® system for facades, roofs and claddings consists ofarticulated bolts rotules or patchfittings, FIX-170 or FIX-204 spiders, complements, structures and rods. These elements are fixed with different installation models.
The fixing system FIX-2H ROD consists of installing the FIX-2H spider using a M24 threaded union screw (ref. FIC-71) which connects the spider and connection rod (FI-BR) with the respective rods (FI-VAR) or cables (FI-CAB). Possibility to use any rotules and patchfitting system that doen´t need to drill the glass.