Coimbra Pools Roof

The construction of the outdoor pool of Parque Verde do Mondego was a work inserted in the program Coimbra Polis.

Designed to the left bank of the Mondego River, in an area between the pedestrian bridge of Pedro and Inês and the Rainha Santa Isabel bridge, this complex will be equipped with a restaurant and a bar and aims to be a pole of attraction and enjoyment of the riverside front.

Designed by the architect Paulo Albuquerque, this project had as objective the total transparencyand absence of metallic structures in the support of the glasses of the skylights of the bathhouses.

PENTAGONAL carried out the engineering design, calculation and detailing and development of special products, as well as assembly instruction manual and installation consulting.

This structural glazing roof system – FITECHNIC®, used FIX-170 spiders, RT1221-M14 rotules , structure with FI-VAR rods and special fixing pieces.