Glass museum NAC – Resin factory

Resin Building, located in the Marinha Grande Traditional Center, is a reference project in Portugal for the application of the Structural Glazing Facade solution in rehabilitation projects.

Project and authorship of the “COR Arquitectos” Atelier, by Architects Roberto Cremascoli, Edison Okumura, Marta Rodrigues arquitectos, Lda.

The main intervention consisted of the construction of a new museum building (NAC -Contemporary Art Nucleus), “which surrounds the old and becomes a symbol of the city.” This new building materializes “in the form of a glass box, a material symbol of Marinha Grande, the national capital of glass”, added the architects, a solution achieved by the FITECHNIC® structural glazing facade system.
PENTAGONAL carried out the study of calculation and structural and integral engineering of the glass facade of double skin, in order to obtain the maximum transparency without the use of heavy structures.

The FITECHNIC® System consists of FIX-170 spiders, RE1221-M14 rotules, complements FIC-71 and FI-VAR rods with FI-BR connecting rods. Special pieces were designed for the project and given on-site consulting in the design and assembly phase.