The new high-speed Rabat-Agdal (TGV) train station in Rabat-Morocco is a project by the architect Youssef El Melehi with around 16000m2 and is the first TGV connection in Africa.

The station will serve to unify two districts currently separated by the train tracks, using the building as a bridge.

The façades of the main entrances and the terrace have an area of about 800m2.

Fitechnic was responsible for the development of the FI-CAB system with FIX-170 spiders and articulated ball joints that was studied in order to comply with the pretense of total transparency of the facade.

The system has tests performed according to Avis Technique in a body notified by EOTA. In addition, wind and impact load safety tests were carried out, as well as air and water tightness tests according to the EN13830 light façade standard.