Nova SBE Carcavelos – Portugal

NOVA University of Business and Economics in Carcavelos is distinguished as one of the greatest works of a university field, which has about 4,000 m2 of stapled glass façade. This was designed by architects Vitor Carvalho and the studio Tetractys.

The new Nova SBE campus was designed by architects António Barreiros Ferreira and Vítor Carvalho Araújo in order to respond to a very special need: to maximize the interaction between your community and to take it (students, teachers, researchers and partners) one step further further: towards the horizon.

The engineering study of the façades was carried out by the technical department of PENTAGONAL-FITECHNIC to create a “light” structure system.

The system used FIX-ROD in stainless steel 316 is a tensioned structure of connecting rods and rods that through the FIX-170 spiders with respective articulated bolt RE1221-M14.