Shopping Alegro – Setúbal

Shopping Center Alegro Setúbal, inaugurated in 2014, with a project of Atelier Sua Kay Architects.

The project was developed in three interconnected “pieces”. The first ‘piece’ a spectacular tower in steel and multi-colored glass marks the main point of entry of the hypermarket. In this facade FITT special pieces and RE1221-M14 rotules extensors were used in these facades to create the scale effect.

The second ‘part’, developed on two levels, replaces the old commercial gallery, accessible by a new entrance marked by a ‘mirror’ flap supported by a set of facades using FITECHNIC® system Model 1.

The third ‘piece’ is entirely built on the new lot and makes use of the altimetric difference of the fourteen meters of height. A huge void is created as a striking feature, where different levels of the galleries project and overlap at different angles, creating an intriguing visual game. In these balconies there is astructural glazing roof with system Model 1, FIX-170 spiders, RT1221-M14 rotules, and a 2.40m high Balustrade that serves as a windbreaker and terrace area. This Glass Balustrade was calculated and detailed with patchfitting balustrade system PF-C.

Alegro Setúbal was awarded in MAPIC2015 as “Best Renovation in Shopping Centers”